One-on-one with Savannah Guthrie: Today anchor talks about her new book

Posted at 9:49 PM, Feb 20, 2024

Savannah Guthrie, co-anchor of Today, is out with a new book that was released Tuesday morning.

It's called "Mostly What God Does," and is centered on God's love and her personal experiences that have shaped her faith.

"I'm bringing nothing but my curiosity and a receptive heart. I'm open to what God might be saying to me and might want me to share with you. I'm ready to be surprised and delighted," Guthrie said in her first few pages.

Reporter Symone Woolridge spoke with Guthrie about her life, faith and decision to write such a personal book.

Guthrie grew up in church, so faith has been a big part of her life since the age of five. She has released children's books, but this is different. 

"I feel like I'm kind of just putting my heart out there and I'm excited about that and also thrilled."

The book has a collection of essays about her experiences as a mom, daughter, wife and journalist. Guthrie says reading through her old journals was a touching experience for her. 

"It's hard to put yourself out there especially when it's really you, when it's your heart," she says. 

Guthrie writes about working on the Today show and how every morning, producers send a package of notes with overnight news. Some of the it is discouraging, which she said we all can relate to. 

"How do you lift your head up and how do you find hope?" Guthrie asked. "It can feel sometimes like there's so much more wrong with the world than what is right. And that can be a real challenge to faith."

Guthrie hopes people feel a real embrace after reading "What God Does" because she said what God does is mostly love you.