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This Amazon Product Makes For An Unusual Housewarming Gift That Friends Will Love

This Amazon Product Makes For An Unusual Housewarming Gift That Friends Will Love
Posted at 11:05 AM, Apr 06, 2022

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When you think of a typical housewarming gift, things like a bottle of wine or a candle likely come to mind. While those are nice, if you’ve ever purchased a house or moved to a new apartment, you know that there are some gifts that would be much more useful.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money next time you attend a housewarming party or want to send a gift to someone who just bought a house, you may want to consider this Ready America 72-hour deluxe emergency kit. The Prime-eligible kit includes a first aid kit, survival blanket, power station, emergency food and more, all in a portable go-bag in case of an earthquake, fire, flood or other disaster.

This might seem like an unusual housewarming gift — and it is! — but in a story for Apartment Therapy, writer Amy Gordon shares that she has been giving this kit to friends and family for 15 years, and every recipient loved it. She says it even caused a bit of drama at a housewarming party when the host made a much bigger fuss over the emergency kit than some expensive candlesticks another friend gave!

The kit includes basic essential emergency supplies recommended by the American Red Cross as well as a hygiene pack, masks, thermometer, survival blankets and ponchos. A 33-piece first aid kit is also included, along with food and water pouches with a five-year shelf life, water purification tablets and a BPA-free water bottle.


The kit is a practical gift for a new homeowner, and it could provide crucial assistance for your friend or family member in the case of an emergency. A kit for one person costs $69.99, while a kit for two people is priced at $85.71 and a kit for four people is $121.92. All the kits are made to last for three days during an emergency situation, with only slight differences among them (the four-person kit also includes safety goggles, for example).

With 313 reviews, the kits have a total rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, with 76% of customers giving them a full five stars. One reviewer who gave it five stars says it was an excellent buy for everything that is included, while another reviewer wrote that it offered them peace of mind.

“I purchased this backpack emergency kit as part of my earthquake preparedness project. The backpack is very sturdy and is jam packed with what we would need to get through the first couple of days of an emergency,” they wrote.


There are a few negative reviews, too, though most of these mention that items were missing from the kits. If you order one of the kits, it’s a good idea to make sure all of the items are included. While the one-person kit is returnable, the others are not, but Amazon does offer a refund or replacement on the kits if they arrive damaged or defective.

It is also a good idea to replace the batteries and food products every few years and keep in mind that you can also add to the kits, so if you think there’s something that should have been included, you can buy it separately.

If you want to give an even bigger kit, there is also an Elite Emergency Kit option priced between $143.32-$269.85. While many of the items included are the same as the deluxe kit, this kit includes additional things, like leather gloves and food bars.

There are also other emergency kits available on Amazon, like this Ready 2 Go Bag for one person, priced at just $49. It includes a convertible bag, food, water, emergency blanket, poncho, hygiene kit, paracord bracelet multi-tool, flashlight, first aid kit and more.


Next time you need to give a housewarming gift, consider the gift of being ready for anything!

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