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Raking it in: How Door County's fall foliage attracts more tourists

Posted at 5:27 PM, Sep 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-27 18:51:01-04
  • Video shows tourists visiting Door County for the changing fall colors.
  • Jon Jarosh from Destination Door County says the room tax collected last fall brought in three-point-two million dollars.
  • Groups like Door County Trolley offer scenic tours where guests can see the beautiful landscapes of Door County themselves.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

These colorful leaves are helping Door County see green! I'm talking cold hard cash! I'm your Door County neighborhood reporter Katlyn Holt. More visitors are coming up to see the fall foliage... and spending a lot of money.

"it's not a job. It's you know, it's not only a hobby, but it's you know, it's kind of a dream come true," said Schriner-Schmitt.

Ed Schriner-Schmitt works as a tour guide with Door County Trolley and he says he likes the fall.

"My favorite part is I like it when the coolness sets in, we get rid of the humidity, the colors start changing," said Schriner-Schmitt.

Those fall colors bring visitors like Alexis and Linda Thomas and Brandi Briggs from Minneapolis, Minnesota to check out Door County.

“I've been here once before about 12 years ago. It's grown so much," said Linda Thomas.

They told me there is plenty to do.

"We thought we'll get here and see the color. We'll do a fish boil. And the trolley tour is really fun because you get to see a lot of things," said Linda Thomas.

Jon Jarosh, the Chief Communications Officer for Destination Door County says the fall tourism season helps boost the economy.

"It actually represents around 30% of the room nights that we sell every year and so it's substantial and it's a great time to be here as well," said Jarosh.

Jarosh tells me that the room tax collected last fall brought in three-point-two million dollars.

For locals like Ed, more tourists visiting means being able to work.

"As far as being able to make money and entertain and enjoy what's going on here in Door County. It's awesome," said Schriner-Schmitt.

If you're planning to visit door county to see the colorful leaves, be sure to watch NBC 26 for the latest on those peak conditions.