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'I hope it's here forever': Families talk about tree farm helping them get into holiday spirit

Posted at 5:54 PM, Nov 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-01 13:09:04-05
  • Video shows St. Nick's tree farm in Sturgeon Bay.
  • This year, they have sold 200 of their 400 pre-cut trees.
  • It's not just trees: they also sell wreaths and holiday items.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

A lot of people are starting to buy their Christmas trees. I'm your door county neighborhood reporter Katlyn holt and I spoke with one family business that's helping families make their holidays extra special.

"I wish more people would do this sort of thing anymore,” said Dan Pufunt.

Dan and Liz Pufunt visited St. Nick's Tree Farm in Sturgeon Bay to pick out the perfect Christmas tree.

“I think we're losing a lot of that feeling of these special kind of places at Christmas," said Pufunt.

They say finding the right tree is special. After 40 years of marriage, they say their tree holds precious moments for them.

"The real tree is our family tree, so, we have our ornaments from when I was child when Dan was a child," said Liz Pufunt.

On their way back to Chicago from their second home in Sister Bay, Dan made the stop at St. Nick's for the second year in a row.

"This year we have three different varieties," explained nick Hoffmann.

The Hoffmann’s bought the farm in 2020.

"We have Balsam Fir; we have Canaan Fir which is a cross between a Fraser and a Balsam and then we have Scotch Pine. It's like old fashioned Christmas tree with the longer needles on it," said Hoffmann.

The had planned to sell trees from the farm when they retire, but last year, they say business took off.

"We started out with 325 and everybody thought we were not say we ended up with 11 trees leftover so we did fantastic," said Hoffmann.

“So, you weren't too crazy? I asked.

“No, no, it worked out good," laughed Hoffmann.

They sell pre-cut trees that come from Merrill, Wisconsin.

And they've already sold 200 of this year’s 400 trees.

They told me, that in 2027, they hope to be selling the trees currently growing on their property.

"it's, it's pretty magical, and there's a lot of things here we really tried to capture the magic of Christmas for kids," said Heather Hoffmann.

And next year, the Pufunts say they hope to bring their grandchildren along with them to pick out their tree.

“I hope it's here forever as long as i am because as my wife said, you just don't see enough of this sort of nostalgic, you know, venue and I think it's really important,” said Pufunt.

It’s not just trees. St. Nicks also sells wreaths and other holiday items. Find their page here.