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Al Johnson's welcomes new goats

Perhaps the next generation of goats on the roof
Al Johnson's welcomes new goats
Posted at 10:03 PM, Jul 16, 2023

SISTER BAY (NBC 26) — What started as a prank has become a trademark at Al Johnson’s restaurant in Sister Bay.

"That’s kind of like our McDonalds arch or our Nike swoosh," said Bjorn Johnson.

If you've had the chance to visit Sister Bay in Door County, you've more than likely passed Bjorn Johnson's family restaurant with the goats on the roof.

The goats found their home with the Johnsons following a prank by Al Johnson's best-friend Harold 'Winky' Larson in the 70s.

"Finally, when we got the grassroots on the restaurant Winky decided to put a goat up there as a joke," explained Bjorn Johnson.

A joke that would leave an impact on the Johnson family forever.

"It was early in the morning before customers started showing up...Winky carried a big goat named Oscar up a ladder right under his arms and what happened was Winky got Oscar the goat up onto the roof but then Oscar bucked and kicked Winky off the ladder and he fell and broke his collarbone. So then the rest is history," said Johnson.

Part of the third generation working for the Al Johnson restaurant, Bjorn says the goats are like pets.

The Johnson’s farm has grown since Oscar's debut in the 1970s. They now have 29 goats in their herd.

"So we now have three new baby goats. Only a few weeks old, so we have two twins and then another one and then also since then we have these two right here,” Bjorn said.

Bjorn hopes some of these new goats will be able to go on the roof soon.

There are four goats who frequent the roof right now.

"Floppy is usually the first one on the roof in the morning so he knows what to do he's just like boom, boom, boom into the truck," said Bjorn.

Floppy is joined by his three friends Harry, Snowflake and Shy Guy.

The goats enjoy the roof and people enjoy watching the goats and capturing pictures of the interesting sight.

Bjorn says he has no plans to end the tradition any time soon.

"So as of right now, you know, the show is moving on," said Bjorn.