Does your Stanley cup leak? This alternative is what you need

Does your Stanley cup leak? This alternative is what you need
Posted at 12:16 PM, Jan 29, 2024
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The viral Stanley cup continues to have a hold on pop culture right now. It’s large capacity makes it a convenient way to stay hydrated, and it looks fabulous with all its designer colors.

I have a 40-ounce Stanley Quencher H2.O Flowstate, and when tipped on its side, it does leak a little bit. People who work out in the gym or want to take their Stanley on a walk don’t want to worry about spillage. That’s why some people are singing the praises of a new Stanley alternative: The Brümate Era 40-ounce Tumbler.

Woman holding a Brumate 40 ounce Tumbler

$45 on Brümate

TikToker @bighousewifevibes talked about the Brümate 40-ounce Tumbler’s ability to keep up with active people, and showed off its ability to keep water inside in any position.

“I saw girls at the gym. It knocks over, you gotta go get a towel and wipe it up,” she said of the Stanley cup. “There’s no reason you have a $50 water bottle that you can’t do this to,” she added, turning it upside down.

@bighousewifevibes Argue in the comments #brumate #brumateera #stanley #emotionalsupportwaterbottle ♬ original sound – GISELLE

Brümate guarantees the 40-ounce tumbler is 100 percent leakproof thanks to its exclusive Ü-Turn lid, which has a place for a straw. The straw has a metal base that rests in the drink and attaches to the leakproof lid, so liquid cannot spill when the lid is in the locked position.

The trademarked BevGuard cup material will keep ice in the cup for more than 24 hours.

You can use your Brümate 40-ounce tumbler with hot beverages, but the company recommends keeping the lid unlocked when filling it with your favorite hot coffee, tea or cocoa.

Keeping up with Stanley’s popular features, the Brümate 40-ounce tumbler comes in a wide range of trendy colors and has a cup holder-friendly base for easy portability during travel.

Right now, many of the Brümate 40-ounce tumblers are out of stock. However, a number of them are available for preorder, including the Prickly Pear, Mist and Guava colors, which will ship in early- to mid-February.

Brümate 40 oz tumbler with straw

Preorder for $45 on Brümate

So, if a leaky cup concerns you because of your active lifestyle, you should pick up a Brümate Era 40-ounce Tumbler as a stylish, practical alternative to the Stanley cup.

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