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Cruises returning to northeast Wisconsin for the season

Experts believe last year's cruise stops brought in more than $275,000 with passengers visiting Algoma, Lambeau Field and Door County.
Posted at 5:02 AM, May 29, 2024

ALGOMA (NBC 26) — Viking cruise ship passengers are returning to northeast Wisconsin this week, and communities along the Lake Michigan shoreline are excited about the visit.

"It's exciting. It was such positive feedback we received last year, both from the crew, the passengers, and the community makes it very enjoyable that they're coming back again," said Algoma Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rosemary Paladini.

Paladini says she's elated cruises are returning after bringing in nearly $275,000 to the region last year.

Stephen Mayheu says he was in charge of taking passengers on tours to Lambeau Field, and after the Great Lakes cruises ended for the season, he decided to take a cruise to Antarctica.

He says he was surprised to find out it was the same ship and crew, but he says the crew remembered him right away.

"And, they started to exclaim how much they loved Algoma," Mayheu said.

Mayheu said crew members kept telling him how much they were looking forward to returning to Wisconsin, and as a passenger, he got to learn what goes on behind the scenes with different weather balloons and water tests.

"They're also doing scientific experiments. Every day there was a lecture. At least one lecture if not two," Mayheu said.

Paladini and Mayheu said the best part is knowing Wisconsin made such an impact that passengers and crew are just as the community.

"So, that's been a pleasure too to realize the awareness that we're looking for has far-reaching implications, because these passengers are coming from all across the United States as well as all across the world," Paladini said.

"It's kind of a warm feeling to interchange and just realize how connected we all really are," Mayheu said.

If you'd like to see the cruise ships for yourself when they arrive off the Algoma shoreline, you can check out the Algoma Chamber of Commerce's website.