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Travelers prepare for storm, but holiday trips still on for now

Posted at 7:45 PM, Dec 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-20 20:45:51-05

APPLETON — As a forecasted significant winter storm bears down on Wisconsin, travelers and travel officials are taking precautions, but don't seem to be making major changes to their plans just yet.

“Right now we’re seeing a lot of wait and see," said Jesse Funk, Appleton International Airport's air service and business development manager.
"We'll just wait and see what happens.”

According to Funk, business is proceeding mostly as normal for the moment, but preparations for severe weather are underway. He says airlines have already begun issuing waivers allowing travelers to change flights at no additional cost, but hasn't seen any flights delayed or cancelled yet.

“So far…no changes based on what’s coming this week," he said.

Funk says the snow, winds and cold temperatures require crews to take extra steps to keep planes safe for travelers, but says his team is "ready to get you where you need to go."

High winds and blowing snow aren't just a problem for planes though, they can also create hazardous conditions for drivers like Krystal Sattler.

Sattler says she's planning a trip to Antioch, Ill., to visit her family. She hopes to leave Thursday morning, but is willing to shift her travel time to avoid the bad weather.

If she is forced to deal with snow on her trip though, she says she feels prepared.

"I just got a wheel alignment today and brand new tires so that will help," she said.
"And then, I’m just gonna watch the weather, look at the radar, and drive slow if I have to.”

Regardless of when she leaves or what the weather looks like, Sattler says she's "still going down," one way or another.