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Tina Deeg's triumph: From diagnosis to dream wedding thanks to a dedicated doctor

Tina Deeg's triumph: From diagnosis to dream wedding thanks to a dedicated doctor
Posted at 4:31 PM, Oct 24, 2023
  • Tina Deeg's 50th birthday brought life-altering news when she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.
  • After exploring various treatments, she found hope through a clinical trial at UW Health's Carbone Cancer Center.
  • The trial was successful, with cancer cells dying, Tina walked down the aisle on her dream wedding day.
  • Tina's story highlights the importance of perseverance and the support of dedicated doctors during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

I’m Olivia Acree, your Appleton neighborhood reporter. On Tina Deeg’s 50th birthday, she got life-altering news after a mammogram. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she’s sharing her story from the hopelessness she felt at diagnosis to the doctor who changed it all.

“I'm not gonna lie Tina you know this could be really good or this could be really, really bad,” said Deeg.

Tina Deeg was planning the wedding of her dreams when her world turned upside down.

“We just cried all day, basically,” said Deeg.

She was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

“Then it was kind of like okay, what are we gonna do now?” said Deeg.

She started an oral chemo and a targeted radiation treatment, but it wasn’t enough.

“We met with the oncologist, and she basically said, right now the next treatment that we would be doing would be a very aggressive chemo,” said Deeg.

After watching her dad die from cancer the year before, she wanted to continue living life as normal as possible. Then she found a clinical trial at UW Health’s Carbone Cancer Center.

“I got a call and they said we think that the makeup of your tumor would work really well with this trial. Would you like to come in?” said Deeg.

She met Dr. Malinda West.

“I knew right when I met her that this was someone I wanted on my side,” said Deeg.

“She had told me she really didn't want to leave any stones unturned in terms of her cancer care,” said Dr. West.

Dr. West did everything in her power to get Tina into the trial, and it worked.

“I had an ultrasound, and the radiologist came back and said, yes, the cancer cells are dying,” said Deeg.

After that. she got to walk down the aisle to the man who stayed by her through it all.

“It was just beautiful. It was everything I've ever dreamed of,” said Deeg.

Watching with a smile on Tina’s special day was Dr. West.

“I was very honored that she had invited me and she was absolutely beautiful,” said Dr. West.

Her treatment journey isn’t over but she’s far from where she started.

“In the beginning, I cried a lot and now I can actually tell my story, but I can feel good about it,” said Deeg.

Tina says she owes it all to Dr. West.

In Appleton Olivia Acree NBC 26.