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Outagamie county supervisor faces backlash for alleged transphobic comments

Outagamie County
Posted at 4:39 PM, May 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-19 22:11:55-04

OUTAGAMIE COUNTY (NBC 26) — In a recent Outagamie County Board meeting, County Supervisor Timothy Hermes allegedly made transphobic comments during a discussion on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI).

Outagamie County Board Meetings are not recorded, however, witnesses claim that Supervisor Hermes expressed concerns about individuals pretending to be transgender to gain access to women's bathrooms with the intention of causing harm.

“He said that he thought employees might pretend to be transgender people to be able to go into women’s bathrooms and assault or hurt them,” said Outagamie County Supervisor Sara MacDonald.

The alleged comments caused a stir among others present, according to MacDonald.

“There was shocked silence… people whispering… audible gasps…,” said MacDonald.

Speaking on behalf of herself and others, she expressed her disapproval of the comments and stressed that they do not align with their beliefs or values.

“People were pretty shocked by it and not approving of that line of thought,” said MacDonald.

Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson echoed Supervisor MacDonald's sentiment.

“To have someone let alone an elected official push these conspiracies, push these statements that are simply not true I think is irresponsible and hopefully regretful,” said Executive Nelson.

Nelson emphasized that Outagamie County prides itself on being an open, welcoming, and inclusive community.

“This is not who we are, this is not what we stand for, Outagamie County is open, it is welcoming, and it is an inclusive community for all,” said Nelson.

MacDonald expressed her hope that Supervisor Hermes reconsiders his statements and reflects on the issue at hand.

“I hope he rethinks what he was saying and his concerns about the issue," said MacDonald.

NBC 26 tried to contact Supervisor Timothy Hermes for comment, but there has been no response at this time. The board of supervisors is scheduled to meet next Tuesday, where the issue will be addressed.