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'It represents stability'; Appleton's housing task force shares their findings

Posted at 10:34 PM, Jun 26, 2024

APPLETON (NBC26) — The housing crisis is affecting many communities, including Appleton. In the city, a task force presented their findings in an effort to help their neighbors.

  • In response to the housing crisis, Appleton appointed a task force to address the lack of affordable housing.
  • The team shared their findings to the public citing five areas of growth.
  • Dr. Sabrina Robins says communication between the government and those in need stands out to her.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

Doctor Sabrina Robins was on the Appleton housing task force which sought to find solutions for the lack of affordable housing.

"We took government to the people,” Dr. Sabrina Robins says. “We hear directly from some of the underserved and marginalized community members. What is it they see and what their needs are regarding housing."

The task force began work in September and now, months later, just revealed their findings to the public at Wednesday’s special meeting.

They separated Appleton’s needs into five themes...

Vision, process, activation, proactiveness, and communication.

"Turn these recommendations into action and as a result, we should see better processes and more housing available for mixed-use and affordable housing,” Dr. Robins said.

After the meeting, Doctor Robins directed me to Pastor Walter Ragland. Pastor Ragland works with many looking to find shelter.

"Everyone is aware that there is a housing issue in the Appleton area," Ragland said.

Pastor Ragland says that Appleton doesn't have enough resources for everyone in need.

"We had to send people to Fond du Lac, we send people to Oshkosh,” he said. “I mean we are trying to find different resources, even to Green Bay at times."

He says it pains him to see people and families leave Appleton looking for more help and thinks the findings of the task force could be the beginning of a new page in this Fox Valley city.

"It represents stability and I think that's what our community needs,” Ragland said. “A very strong stabilization of community and family."

Doctor Robins told me that the Appleton community should expect to see positive outcomes of this task force in both the short term and long term.