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Find out what’s going on in the new warehouse off I-41 in Little Chute

Posted at 4:43 AM, Nov 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-20 09:34:24-05
  • Take a look inside Excellerate's new 389,000-square-foot clean energy smart manufacturing facility in Little Chute.
  • The facility focuses on industrialized construction, manufacturing energy products like electrical equipment.
  • With a commitment to sustainability, the facility plans to cover its roof with solar panels and employ around 350 people, offering apprenticeship opportunities to individuals regardless of their educational background.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

I'm your Appleton neighborhood reporter Olivia Acree. If you drive on1-41 frequently, you've probably noticed the massive warehouse that they’re building in Little Chute. Well, I'm standing inside that warehouse, I'm going to take you on a tour of what goes on here and how they help the local economy.

This massive building just off I-41 in Little Chute is Excellerate’s new clean energy, smart manufacturing facility.

“What we do is industrialized construction, which means we're trying to take as many field labor hours off site as possible and do them in a manufacturing environment,” said Pat McGettigan, FTI Vice President.

Vice President Pat McGettigan says one of the main things going on in this building is the manufacturing of Excellerate’s energy products. What you see the employees working on are all pieces of electrical equipment, and will eventually be shipped somewhere, put together like a puzzle, and will then power a building.

“That's a big portion of what we'd be doing in our facility,” said McGettigan.

But before anything goes on in that facility. They ask themselves an important question:

“How do we do things that help us be more sustainable?” said McGettigan.

McGettigan says eventually the building’s roof will be covered in solar panels. A lot of them. To put it in perspective, the building is 385,000 square feet.

“We're really trying to be cognizant of the energy we're using and how we're using energy,” said McGettigan.

All of that, along with electric vehicles in the facility helps them reach their goal of net zero energy.
Regional leader Paul Keckhaver says they’re looking to employ around 350 people at this location, ranging from expert to apprentice.

“Anyone is really eligible to go through the apprenticeship. You do not need any degree we’ll get you all the training you need,” said Keckhaver.

He says this new facility is just one of a few ways they’ve expanded into the Fox Valley.

“Our client's needs and demands expanding is why we put this facility where it is to get back to our roots and get back to the community and help grow that here in the Fox Valley,” said Keckhaver.

They’re already working on another warehouse in the Midwest that’ll open next year and McGettigan says they’ll keep evaluating what the demand is for more like this in the future.
In Little Chute, Olivia Acree NBC 26.