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Claiming the throne: WI could be getting a royal state butterfly

WI could be getting a royal state butterfly
Posted at 5:37 PM, Sep 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-21 18:37:50-04
  • The Monarch Butterfly Bill aims to recognize Monarchs as WI’s state butterfly.
  • Jack Voight, the president of Appleton's Butterfly Gardens, is leading the cause.
  • Behind the buzz, there’s an important reason to bring attention to Monarchs.

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story)

I’m Olivia Acree, your Appleton neighborhood reporter.

Do you know what the state insect of Wisconsin is?

If you guessed the honeybee, you guessed right.

But Jack Voight, the president of Appleton's Butterfly Gardens is working to make an addition to the state’s official insects.

“I don’t know who designated the name Monarch, but it became in a way the supreme class of butterflies,” said Voight.

The king of butterflies is recognized as the state insect in seven states. Voight wants to make it eight.

“I call it the Monarch butterfly bill,” said Voight.

Making the Monarch the state butterfly isn’t all of what the buzz is about.

“Come on don’t be bashful guys,” said Voight.

Voight wants people to know that the Monarch population is in danger.

In August, the Monarch butterfly bill was proposed. Behind the bill is Senator Rachael Cabral Guevara.

In a statement to NBC 26, she said...

“The monarch butterfly population has been at risk for the past few decades. I hope that this legislation will not only help spread awareness but help preserve this beautiful species that has made Wisconsin one of its top vacation destinations.”

“Really the bill is to create more public awareness of the plight of the Monarch butterfly. If we have more public awareness, we’ll have hopefully more population of Monarchs because they’re really somewhat endangered and it’s very possible maybe we could easily see the last of any migrating Monarchs to Wisconsin,” said Voight.

On Wednesday at the state capital backers of the Monarch butterfly bill will make their case to state legislators in hopes of having the bill be considered. If you want the Monarch to be the WI butterfly.

You can help make this happen by contacting state lawmakers. In Appleton Olivia Acree NBC 26.