10 new episodes of ‘Bluey’ are coming to Disney+

10 new episodes of ‘Bluey’ are coming to Disney+
Posted at 5:59 AM, Dec 21, 2023
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Heads up, Heeler fans! Ten more episodes of beloved kids’ show “Bluey” will appear on Disney+ early in the new year.

Starting Jan. 12, a second batch of stories from the show’s third season hits the streaming platform, followed by a debut on Disney Channel and Disney Junior. (These same episodes have already aired in Australia, Bluey’s homeland.)

The new-to-us episodes of the show include titles like “Stickbird,” “Slide,” “Cricket” and — uh-oh — “Wild Girls.”

The “Bluey” team released a video of short clips from the new episodes, offering a peek at the latest Heeler family hijinks:

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On a personal note, I’m pleased to see the return of Chattermax, the most annoying toy of all time. I know he’s the worst, and it would be awful to have a real Chattermax around, but I just love him and his screeching.

After the new episodes debut next month, there’s another treat in store on Disney+: a 28-minute-long “Bluey” episode called “The Sign.” That’s four times the length of a regular “Bluey”!

“There’ll be lots of laughs, exciting guest voices and definitely a few tears,” reads a statement from the show’s creators at Ludo Studios about the super-sized episode. “We’re so incredibly proud of the awesome team behind the series and we can’t wait for Australia and the world to watch this very special Bluey episode with their family and friends.”

If you’re familiar with the exploits of Bluey, her sister Bingo, and their parents Chilli and Bandit, you absolutely know that there will be tears. (The good kind.)

There’s no official launch date for “The Sign” yet, but it will be released worldwide — including in Australia — on the same day. A global “Bluey” viewing party!

scene from bluey

All of this new “Bluey” will come in handy in the months ahead. The show’s creative team is candid about their need for a break after producing more than 150 episodes of the popular series in five years.

Producer Daley Pearson assures fans that the Heeler family will eventually be back for a fourth season. But until then, at least, we’ll have some good stuff to tide us over. Too right!

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