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We're Open: Bake My Day

Posted at 10:42 PM, Apr 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-30 23:42:11-04

At the family owned, Bake My Day, adjusting to work under the coronavirus hasn't been a piece of cake, but they're grateful to still be able to serve their customers.

"It's great, it feels like we've always been doing that in a way but right now during this time, its definitely a great thing to hear people say we really just miss your cake, we really just miss your cupcakes," baker Katie Graape said.

The bakery has lot a lot of business due to the postponement of weddings, but people are still placing orders for other celebrations.

"Luckily, everyone will still have birthdays. Everyone still needs cakes. We've been having fun with that," Graape said.

The two woman crew has been having a blast. Plus, the fact that they're cousins, only makes everything that much more sweet.

"Working with her has been a blessing. I love working with her, I think we're a great team. I'm very fortunate to have her here. She's very talented I can't say enough about how wonderful our team is." Graape said.

"She's like one of my best friends, I'd call her like a sister. We're helping each other out a lot right now. I can't imagine being here with anyone else," cake decorator, Erin LeFavre said.