Strong winds create ice shoves on Lake Winnebago shoreline

Posted: 2:36 PM, Jan 09, 2019
Updated: 2019-01-09 20:44:30Z
Ice shoves on Lake Winnebago

The gusty winds coming in from the northwest have been moving the ice here on Lake Winnebago to the eastern shores since yesterday afternoon and they continue to pile up. As long as these winds continue to blow these ice shoves won’t stop.

There are some conditions needed in order for ice shoves to take place. First off, you need ice that has been partially melted, such as from a thaw which we have seen quite often here so far this winter. The second thing, strong winds, it makes sense too so you can have that ice pile get pushed ashore. Lately, a small sloped beach. This allows the ice to pile up and travel further inland.

With the ice moving a bit from these strong winds, it does add some dangers for anyone who wants to venture out and do some ice fishing. A few posts online mention that there is some solid ice closer to shore but further out, ice thickness does get down to two inches or less in some spots. Remember that ice is never 100% safe and you want to have a minimum of four inches if you plan to do some ice fishing