Summer falls down

Posted at 6:00 PM, Oct 05, 2023

This is now the warmest start to October on record but that's changing.
The Jet stream is going to buckle by the weekend. Much cooler & below normal temps will move in.
After 4 straight days with record highs temperatures this weekend will be running 10 degrees below normal with morning lows in the 30s.

Friday: Sun & clouds. Much cooler. Gusty winds. Showers. Will be wet & windy at times for Friday Night Lights.

Weekend: Highs in the 50s. First widespread frost/freeze advisories could be on the way. Pretty much on schedule.

Monday: Sun & clouds. Still cool.
Tuesday: Sun & clouds. Still cool.
Wednesday: Sun & clouds. Still cool.
Thursday: Sun & clouds. Still cool.

Lots of leaves will be flying out of the trees the next few days!! Past peak conditions now showing up NW of Fox Valley.

New Drought Index in major changes.