Slippery Wintry Mix Takes Aim: NBC 26 Weather Forecast 11/28/22 AM

Sun and clouds today, get hit with winds pulling in nearly 50° again, before a wintry mix and flash freeze strike.
Posted at 6:25 AM, Nov 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-28 08:24:02-05

We are waking up to a quick visit of a high pressure, which has ushered in crisp temperatures in the teens to low 20s. Winds will whip up out of the south again today, bringing in low 40s and more clouds by the evening.

Highs will hit the mid to upper 40s Tuesday with mostly cloudy skies. Winds will be whipping out of the south at 30mph, bringing in some light rain showers in the morning. Chances of rain increase in likelihood and intensity through the evening. This storm is packing a quick punch of accumulating snowfall to the northwest of the Fox Valley, with Winter Storm Watches issued.

As cold air blasts in, out of the NW gusting up to 40mph, temperatures will fall below freezing overnight and flash freeze anything wet. Highs on Wednesday will only stay in 30s, with some light scattered snow showers, putting down less than an inch.

Cold and sunshine dominate the latter part of the week, with highs struggling to get above freezing.