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Relentless Winter: A Timeline

Posted: 5:37 PM, Apr 15, 2019
Updated: 2019-04-16 20:02:26-04
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Where was winter in December? It is safe to say no one was dreaming of a brown Christmas. But by mid-January, Mother Nature woke up, dumping 12 inches, then another 10 more.

Then came the cold! The end of January saw wind chills in the negative 20's, a low of 23 below, triggering the coldest temps and most snowfall in 23 years!

February saw snow totals we haven't seen in nearly 130 years: 28 inches of snow for Green Bay and bringing the most snow on record for Appleton!

By March 1st - more snow and sub-zero temps…then Mother Nature does a 180, bumping temperatures up and melting the snow as quickly as it fell, bringing the worst flooding on record in spots.

Winter certainly awakened this season, tied as the 36th coldest, 24th wettest, and 20th for snow on record.

Definitely a relentless winter to remember.