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Mechanics offer tips for cold weather car care

Posted: 6:15 PM, Apr 16, 2019
Updated: 2019-04-16 20:04:55-04
Cold weather car tips

GREEN BAY, Wis — This past winter season delivered brutal cold, air temperatures and wind chills in the sub zero double digits.

Car repair shops like Auto Aces in DePere were well equipped for the cold snap. Mechanics there say one of the most common problems for cars when it gets that cold are batteries dying.

"Dead batteries gets a flooded car. Flooded car gets towed in and then it just turns to a problem. Best thing is to have them tested before there is an actual problem," says Jamie Tomcheck of CCS Property Services, a general contractor service.

Experts say you can lose as much as half a pound of pressure ever time the temperature drops another 10 degrees, especially if it’s an older tire.

They say you should replace or at least have your tires inspected every 5 or 6 years.

Mechanics also say you should buy windshield wiper fluid that works well at negative 20-27 degrees.