Ohhhhh I love a rainy night. In January?

Posted at 5:58 PM, Jan 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-25 18:58:29-05

The temperature, once again climbed into the mid/upper 30s today. It was the warmest day of the month!!
Climatologically we are in the coldest week of the year!! January 19-30.
In fact, of you had to pick just one day out of the entire year that would be considered the "coldest day of the year", today is that day!!
With temps above freezing, the snow is melting. We will see on/off fog - dense fog for the next 7+ days.

Friday: Rain showers mixing with some wet snow by afternoon/evening. Minor accumulations are possible, mainly NW of the Fox Valley. Lots of clouds & melting snow. Some fog.

Weekend: Still above normal with lots of clouds both days. Some fog.

This January Thaw will last for the rest of the month. In fact, temps will be above normal for the foreseeable future.
Jimmy in Sun Prairie will let us know if we have 6 more weeks of winter, or not, a week from Friday.