Mix turns to Snow: NBC 26 Weather Forecast 1/4/23 AM

Winter Weather Advisories still in place today as rain lifts northward first, followed by a blast of colder air, wrapping in snowfall.
Posted at 7:57 AM, Jan 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-04 08:57:03-05

Waking up this morning to temperatures in the upper 30s to nearly 40° on the lakeshore. But dew points are about the same as our temps, so it feels like a "wet-cold" and we are seeing foggy conditions with visibility down to 1/4 mile at times.

A wintry mix is lifting through the Northwoods, changing from snow to rain. As temps climb above 32°, ice won't be as much of a threat. However, by this evening... colder air funnels in and switches the precipitation over to all snow.

Scattered snow showers will continue on and off Thursday, with total accumulations less than 1" along the lakeshore, 1-2" in the Fox Valley and 2-4" into the Northwoods.

The weeks end will be brighter, with sunny skies and cooler temperatures, remining below freezing.