Frozen Tundra to drop cold and snowy: NBC 26 Weather Forecast 12/19/22 AM

Frozen Tundra will live up to its name tonight, with temps in the teens and a shot of snow as the game winds down.
Posted at 6:21 AM, Dec 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-19 07:21:52-05

Waking up today to crisp temperatures in the teens, with wind chills dropping it to feeling near 0°. As the sun comes up, we will start off bright, but skies turn cloudy.

Snow showers arrive around 8-10 pm tonight, with the Packers game ending like a snow globe. This will make for longer commutes out of Lambeau with slick roads. Snow will wind down by Tuesday morning, putting down 1-3".

Tuesday afternoon will be dry and quiet, with some sunshine and temperatures in the upper 20s in the morning, falling into the teens by the evening.

A massive snowstorm takes aim once again, for Wednesday evening, through Thursday and into Friday... stay tuned... chances for a half foot to a foot of snowfall is likely.

A blast of arctic air, surges in with feisty winds and frigid temperatures for Christmas weekend.