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Breaking it Down with Brittney - Sweating

Sweat Explainer
Posted at 7:57 AM, Jun 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-20 09:22:51-04

Ever stopped and wondered, why am I sweating? It's a fact: our bodies don't like to be above 98°. So when the air around is hotter, we need to cool down. So our bodies release water from our skin. Why? It's because of a process called evaporation cooling. When water evaporates, it cools you. So if you have water evaporating off of your skin, the layer of air closest to your body is slightly cooler now. Pretty cool, isn't it?

But when the humidity is high, with values into the 70s, it's harder to evaporate the sweat and essentially cool you down. This can become very dangerous, rapidly, putting at risk of heat exhaustion and also heat stroke. Keep in mind that heat-related deaths are the number one weather killer each year. So stay hydrated, in A/C or near a fan, and don't over-exert yourself today.

This heat wave is expected to bring 100°-105° heat indices on both Monday and Tuesday. Temperatures are nearing record highs in the mid-90s, alongside oppressive dew points in the mid-70s. This is why an Excessive Heat Advisory has been issued. Stay cool and stay safe!