'Just incredible': Necklace saves man's life, stops bullet from going into neck

Police say a man's chain necklace is likely the only reason he's alive.
Chain necklace bullet
Posted at 12:04 PM, May 30, 2024

A man in Colorado escaped a devastating fate, all thanks to his necklace.

The Commerce City Police Department said a man was wearing a silver chain necklace when he was shot at during an argument. But by a stroke of luck, the .22 caliber bullet that was fired became trapped in the victim’s necklace, preventing it from going into his neck.

“We'd say he really dodged a bullet — but in reality, he LODGED a bullet,” the police department wrote in a Facebook post.

“This silver chain — approximately ten millimeters in width — is likely the only reason the victim of a shooting we responded to yesterday is still alive,” police said, alongside photos of the necklace.

The victim managed to come away with only a puncture wound.

Police said the suspect was arrested at the scene and faces attempted homicide charges.

Officials noted they did not know what material the necklace was made out of.

“We don't know what kind of metal this is, but it's likely not pure silver,” police said. “We looked it up, and silver is soft. So maybe think twice before you knock a knockoff.”

“Just incredible,” the police department said.