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UPS needs to hire 60,000 workers at its 'Brown Friday' hiring event

The company said it will try to hire thousands of the 100,000 it needs to satisfy seasonal demand for its business.
UPS needs to hire 60,000 workers at its 'Brown Friday' hiring event
Posted at 5:09 PM, Nov 01, 2023

UPS said this week it wants to try to hire 60,000 out of the 100,000 seasonal workers it needs this year at the next "Brown Friday" hiring blitz set to begin on Nov. 3. 

The company has held at least five other events of its kind, and said it will be an opportunity for tens of thousands of Americans to nab one of the "best seasonal jobs" in the country. 

If you're up for the kind of work the company is offering, they are looking for package handlers, drivers and a list of other roles that UPS hires for. 

UPS said it expects to be able to offer jobs in less than 20 minutes to many who apply, for full-time and part-time seasonal positions. 

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Employees with UPS can earn $250 for each referral that meets eligibility requirements, with details on that incentive laid out on the company's website. 

The company said candidates can expect to tour a UPS facility at the event and learn about job openings before possibly receiving a job offer on the spot. Current employees will be on hand to offer insights into what it's like to work at UPS and answer questions. 

The company is asking those interested to go ahead and apply on its website as well. Pay for seasonal jobs at UPS can range from $21 to $23 per hour, according to the company's website

The U.S. Postal Service also held some recent hiring events at various locations around the country, including in Washington, D.C. 

An October event for USPS revealed that starting pay there was just below what UPS is now advertising for its seasonal roles. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, mail carriers with USPS made somewhere between around $19 per hour to around $34 per hour. 

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