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These 5 states spend the most on groceries per week

Households in one state spend $27 more than the national average per week on groceries, while another state spends nearly $50 below the average.
These 5 states spend the most on groceries per week
Posted at 1:14 PM, Jan 22, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-22 14:14:38-05

New data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the average American household spends $270.21 per week on groceries, while spending $109.21 per week on food out. 

The data was collected in October 2023.

As one would assume, households with more people tended to spend more on groceries. A single-person household generally averaged $156.02 per week on food at home. A two-person household would generally spend $220.82 per week on groceries. 

Households with children spent over $331 per week on groceries, while those without children spent $234.57. 

The data also showed which states tend to pay the most for groceries. 

It shows that California had the highest grocery bills, with the average going for $297. On the other end of the spectrum, Wisconsin had the lowest grocery bills. The average household grocery bill there was about $221. 

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States that tended to spend less on groceries also tended to spend less on food from restaurants. The average household in California spent nearly $131, while those in Wisconsin spent $84.

Here are the 5 states that spend the most per household on groceries:

1) California $297.72

2) Nevada $294.76

3) Mississippi $290.64

4) Washington $287.67

5) Florida $287.27

Here are the five states that spend the least per household on groceries: 

1) Wisconsin $221.46

2) Iowa $227.32

3) Nebraska $235.12

4) Michigan $236.38

5) Indiana $239.11

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