Will Power remembers winning 2014 Milwaukee Mile race as he tests there

Will Power
Posted at 12:20 PM, Nov 13, 2023

For Will Power, testing at the Milwaukee Mile almost brought vibes from a decade ago.

"Felt exactly the same," Will Power says. "It's a long time ago, but yeah, it's good."

Power won the 2014 IndyCar race there.

"Yeah, that was my first championship, and there in '14," Power says. "And winning that race was the beginning of the last three races heading to the championship finale. And it was really important to win here. So it was a big win for me."

It was also his first short oval win. Then after 2015, IndyCar didn't return, until the scheduled doubleheader on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 of 2024.

"Adding an oval to the calendar is good," Linus Lundqvist says. "Obviously I'm from Europe so we didn't do that much oval racing. But I've learned to love it, and I think the more the merrier in this sense. So I'm happy that an oval is back and then that it happens to be Milwaukee with like you said, such history and legacy.'"

"Ovals were a real issue for me when I first came to IndyCar because I just simply didn't grow up racing them," Power says. "So to any oval win I got was a really big deal and like you said, my first short oval win here was yeah, pretty special."

The test included red tires and alternates from earlier this season. They won't use the reds in the Milwaukee race next year, but they will create a tire for the Mile with a similar compound.