The Pride of Green Bay Preble: How one Arkansas native is showing school spirit

Posted at 7:08 PM, Jun 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-04 20:08:09-04

"He's the funniest guy you'll meet. He's just someone who walks in a room and makes it better," Preble baseball player, Conner Shefchik said.

"Oh I loved him right away. He adds a nice spark and flavor to our school. don't know anyone who doesn't know Jason Shelly," Preble culinary instructor, Laurie Spencer said.

Green Bay Preble's ultimate super-fan, Jason Shelly is the district custodian and Arkansas native who just moved to the northeast Wisconsin area.

"I ended up here and I've never had a job that I love more than working for the Green Bay area public schools," Shelly said.

With a personality that fits his outfit, Shelly attends every Green Bay Preble event.

"Just wants to be a part of the school atmosphere and enjoys it. There are some of us who enjoy being around the school atmosphere and that's a guy who does," Preble softball coach, Ron Metzler said.

"For him to come out to all the games for all the kids and stuff like that its amazing cause he doesn't have to do that and its awesome that he does," Shefchik said.

As students get ready for the summer, Shelly hopes...

"They know somebody at Preble is always willing to lend them a helping hand and do anything that they can."