Teenage speedskater Jordan Stolz returns home a world champion and record holder

Jordan Stolz is the third youngest U.S. Olympic male speed skater in history and now he is the sport's youngest-ever world champion.
Speed skating preview: Jordan Stolz makes Olympic debut in men's 500m
Posted at 9:46 AM, Mar 22, 2023

KEWASKUM, Wis. — He's the third youngest U.S. Olympic male speed skater in history and now he is the sport's youngest-ever world champion.

"As you can see, it went pretty well," Jordan Stolz says.

More than pretty well, as Stolz became the youngest world champion ever in the 500.

"When I won the first 500, that wasn't expected at all," Stolz says.

And won three golds overall in the 500, 1000, and 1500. The first man to win three individual golds in one World Cup edition all in the sacred home of speedskating for the Dutch.

"If I had one in mind, that I was trying to get and if I really thought that I could do it, I would say winning the three golds," he said. "But this was more of a 'going out and see what happens,' because it's the last race of the season."

Stolz now has the spoils of victory at his home near Kewaskum, complete with homemade clogs and trophies made from speedskating superfans.

"Over there, they just have a huge appreciation for the sport," Stolz says. "So you kind of feel like a little bit of a celebrity there and it just really means a lot. Makes skating much more valuable in your own mind."

His coach Bob Corby has compared him to the great Eric Heiden.

"I hope they're right," Stolz exclaims. "I mean, obviously they keep bringing up the Heiden thing. So, I guess we'll just have to see what happens after this summer. After this year, we should be able to see if the Heiden rumors are true that everybody keeps talking about."

It's 2023. But golden dreams in 2026, can't be denied.

"I think it's pretty realistic," Stolz says. "I just have to keep improving for where I am now. I think I have a little bit of a lead on those guys. And I was able to do it this time. So, I mean in three years those guys are just getting older. So, just have to keep working as hard as I can though."

All while dealing with a mix of celebrity overseas and relative obscurity at home.

"In Holland, I guess, getting recognized on the street," Stolz says. "That's really interesting. But here, it's pretty quiet. I prefer it both ways. Going to the rink, obviously, people are going to notice me. I don't know, both are nice. It's kind of like I can go to two places where I'm a celebrity and then where I'm not."

With comparisons to Eric Heiden and that medal haul in front of him, sure, the 2026 Olympics are three years away, but you'll hear plenty about this young man in that span.