Steve Stricker on record-setting charity donation, Senior Player of the Year

Steve Stricker
Posted at 10:55 AM, Jan 05, 2024

The American Family Championship raised more than $2.4 million last year, and more than 17 million for 147 charities since the tourney began in 2016.

"It's very special for us," Steve Stricker says. "To be able to give back to the community, to first and foremost, to Children's Hospital right here in our backyard that touched so many lives here locally and nationally."

The Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation is doing great things, and they want Stricker to win like last year.

"It would be fun to win it again," Stricker says. "I checked it off the list last year. That was good to get it behind me. And hopefully, we do it again and get in contention and see what happens again. But it's a special week."

Stricker is the Senior Player of the Year, and he won the season-ending Champions Tour Schwab Cup...all while not playing for the Cup, to attend to his ailing father.

"Everybody's family is touched with health concerns at some point," Stricker says. "So for us to be able to take a lead in our area to try to help out in that regard, to give back for important things like that means a great deal."

His incredible 2023 is something he can reflect on as his 2024 season begins on Jan. 18.

"I kind of look back and you know, kind of feel good about the year that I had," Stricker says. "But when you're going through it, you're just taking each day and each tournament as it comes and trying to do the best you can and that's my goal for next year too is just you know I know I'll probably start out in Hawaii."

As busy as Steve is? Stricker is just as fired up about the futures of his daughters Bobbi and Izzy Stricker, both rising golfers in their own right.