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Inside the turnaround of Pulaski Red Raiders football

The team's recent success is the result of a culture change
Posted at 12:17 AM, Sep 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-01 01:17:30-04

PULASKI — For years, the Pulaski Red Raiders struggled to build a football program that was a consistent winner.

In 2013 head coach Jared Marsh took over at the helm. In the decade before Marsh, the program was inconsistent with no back to back winning seasons.

Since Marsh took over, the program has become a model of consistency with six straight winning seasons and getting to the third round of the playoffs in the last three full seasons.

Over the last four seasons, the team is 32-10. A far cry from the first three years of Walsh's tenure when the team went 7-21.

The change can be attributed to a few different things, but Marsh said that it all changed with one class.

In 2016 a group of seniors decided that they were going to be the ones to change the narrative around the program.

"They really took it upon themselves to change the culture, to change the mindset, to make it a positive in school, to represent the school a certain way," said Walsh.

That team made a statement going from 1-8 the year before to the third round of the state playoffs in 2016.

While that group of seniors have long since graduated, the legacy is still felt in the locker room today.

"That foundation that they put down has really set us up for success year in and year out," said Walsh.

It's all part of the new culture, the Pulaski way.

Walsh stresses a more cohesive group rather than individualizing stats.

"The way our offense is built, the way that our defense is built, it's really an all eleven type of thing," said Walsh.