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Fox Valley Lutheran senior quarterback comes back from hip injury, helps lead team to fast start

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Posted at 7:00 AM, Sep 20, 2023
  • Fox Valley Lutheran senior quarterback Liam Heiges suffered a hip injury that caused him to miss much of last season
  • The Foxes lost four straight games after Heiges went out in 2022 before he came back for the playoffs
  • The video above explains how having Heiges back has helped the team start the season strong

APPLETON (NBC 26) — This week's Sports Showdown game of the week features Fox Valley Lutheran taking on Little Chute.

For FVL senior quarterback Liam Heiges, he said it's a great feeling to be on the practice field again.

"I love the grind," Heiges said. "It's good to be back with the boys and stuff."

Heiges is one of FVL football's leaders who is hoping to make the most out of his last year with the team.

"Try to rally everybody together, make them realize that this is our last year, last chance to play some football," Heiges said.

This is the senior's second year as the Foxes' starting quarterback.

"He's one of our guys that's going to hold himself accountable and do whatever he can to help the team," head coach Seth Jaeger said.

But Heiges couldn't help the squad for much of last season because he hurt his hip.

"During one play, I planted, and then I had a partial tear in my labrum," Heiges said. "And then, also part of my growth plate came off with the muscle...I was a little bit defeated."

Jaeger said Heiges' injury caused him to miss the second half of the regular season. The Foxes that started 5-0 with Heiges at the helm dropped four straight.

"With him as one of our major leaders, it was tough to rally," Jaeger said.

Heiges came back for FVL's opening playoff game in its win over Luxemburg-Casco, but he said he wasn't feeling like his complete self.

"I wasn't fully back to 100% speed or anything," Heiges said.

"Were we as successful as we wanted to be? No," Jaeger said. "But every week, we had a battle."

FVL fell in the second round of the playoffs to West Salem in Western Wisconsin.

But this year, the Foxes are off to a 4-1 start, with Heiges helping lead them to where they are during games and at practice.

"He's consistent in his expectations," Jaeger said. "He's consistent in what he does."

"I'm not anything special," Heiges said. "It's just good to have everybody back...We've got a good bond going here."