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'All about the boys': Kimberly Football Moms group contributing to the success of their players and program

Posted at 9:55 PM, Oct 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-19 22:55:16-04

KIMBERLY, Wis. (NBC 26) — Kimberly High School football is consistently one of the best programs in the state.

Some of the people who contribute the most are the players' mothers.

Going into her third year as the leader of Kimberly Football Moms, Lisa Pendleton has four boys who have taken the field.

"It is fun to connect with other moms whose sons are part of the program," she said.

The group has been around for over a decade and there's over 150 mothers that are part of it. In July, organizers start planning events that are scheduled through December.

"The group was developed to really just kind of organize and support the activities that the football program was already instilling in our boys," Pendleton said.

Kimberly Football Moms kick off the season with a corn roast and an event where younger kids pair up with varsity players. At the beginning of the year, parents can get a "K" painted on their lawn.

"The group is really successful because of how many parents are willing to just really share their time," Pendleton said.

She and others also provide players with snacks.

"The Pig Out... after every game, they put together a nice meal at somebody's house," senior football safety Jack Statz said. "They raise a lot of money for that throughout the year, spend a lot of their own money. And it's something special after every game, especially after a big win."

The group does a cookie and chili fundraiser to offset costs. This year, they started a craft vendor fair.

"I feel like we'd be a lot more disorganized without them," Statz said. "They run a lot more stuff than we even know."

"It's all about the boys," Pendleton said. "It's all about supporting them. It's all about having the players have the best experience that they can."

"Shoutout to all the moms out there," Statz said.