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The Packers are headed to the playoffs, prepping for a trip to Dallas

Posted at 12:08 PM, Jan 08, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-08 13:08:50-05

There were times this season where the Packers certainly didn't look like they were postseason-bound.

But guess what? Leaders like Jordan Love, Aaron Jones and others stepped up, and willed this team to the playoffs.

"We started the season with the mindset that we were going to the Super Bowl," Packers outside linebacker Rashan Gary says. "So it's always been in our head that we're going to the playoffs and win a ring. That's always our motto and that always in our head."

"No matter how much experience, how much youth, how much whatever, you have to believe?" asks sports reporter Lance Allan.

"Gotta believe," Gary replies. "And you know the organization does a great job having vets. Having young guys to look up to, understanding what it is because all the vets in here have been to the playoffs. [They] understand what it is to win a playoff game and how you gotta stay locked in."

"Didn't go the way we wanted at first," Packers running back Aaron Jones says. "And you know, a lot of ups and downs but like I said, these guys? We could have chose to do any number of things in this locker room. But we stuck together and we believed in each other and that we would be here. Nobody else believed that we'd be here but we did, so it's even sweeter."

"We're worried about the guys in the locker room and how we can make each other better," Tucker Kraft adds. "And screw all the other BS that people were trying to filter in. You can't put us in a box. You can't say oh, they're the youngest team, they're in a rebuild year. Yeah we are in a rebuild year. We're building our steps to the playoffs right now though."

As several players exited Lambeau Field after the game, they shouted up the tunnel "We're back in the playoffs baby!"

They certainly are, after a roller coaster of a season. But at least it's not done yet.