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Packers gearing up for the start of the season

Posted: 5:47 PM, Sep 05, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-05 18:47:48-04

CHICAGO — It's the start of the season. Of course, you want to be optimistic, but not all Packers fans are. No doubt they are overjoyed they get to spend their Sundays watching football again, but when it comes to the Packers, fans are split.

This is a day fans have been waiting for, for a while. Some say it's felt like forever since they were watching football, particularly Packers football, but all that's about to change soon as fans pack into Solider Field.

Many Cheesheads have been celebrating the green and gold the last couple days, some coming out to the Packers everywhere pep rally. The event kicked off the 100th season at Grant Park. Others, of course, are in Solider Field ready to watch the Pack take the field, and many have high expectations for Sunday.

Others aren't too sure what to expect but are ready to sit back and see what the future holds.