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‘Oh my God, that's Jordan Love!’ Packers fan helped by Love talks about the viral meeting

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jan 16, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-16 19:48:32-05
  • A Packers fan who was helped by Jordan Love after her car was stuck in a blizzard describes what happened after the viral meeting.
  • Video shows more about the meeting and subsequent internet fame.

Lucy Kurowski left her hair appointment in De pere on Friday during the blizzard, to find her car stuck in the parking lot.

“I just couldn't get out. I was completely stuck,” Kurowski said.

The longtime Packers fan was trying to get her car un-stuck,when she saw a familiar face in the parking lot.

“I started to see a guy and his Packer sweatsuit kind of walking to a vehicle, and I did a few takes and I started to realize, ‘Oh my God, that's Jordan Love!’” Kurowski said.

She said she watched Love get into his car and start to drive away, when he noticed Lucy and that's when got out of his car to help.

“He offered to push my car and I said, ‘Oh, sure, you can try,’” Kurowski said. “So he gave it a little shove as I tried reverse, no luck.”

Despite her stuck car, Lucy said she was more worried about Love's performance against the Cowboys on Sunday night. So she told him to stop helping so he wouldn’t get hurt.

“I did not want to be the reason that Jordan Love was injured,” Kurowski said. “That’s the top of my priority there.”

She took a photo with Love that her aunt then posted on social media and then it went viral.

“I've never experienced anything like that in my life before," Kurowski said. "It was totally overwhelming, but also really cool to see how much everyone in the country loves this story, not just locals of Green Bay."

I asked her the question we’re all wondering: has she heard from Jordan Love about the incident?

“Not yet, but that's okay,” Kurowski said. “He has a huge playoff game to play this weekend. He had a huge one to play on Sunday. So I'm glad his priorities are there.”

And she said she’s an even bigger Love fan now.

“It was even more elevated knowing that he truly is a good guy,” Kurowski said,

Lucy says for now, she doesn’t have any plans to reconnect with Love, but hopes to see him around again one day.

We’re hoping to speak with Love about what happened.