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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on 2025 Draft in Green Bay: 'It'll be iconic'

Reporter Charles Benson talked with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in an exclusive interview about the decision to bring the Draft to Titletown.
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Posted at 9:51 AM, May 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-26 10:51:10-04

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell believes the 2025 NFL Draft in Green Bay will be iconic.

Reporter Charles Benson talked with Commissioner Goodell in an exclusive interview about the decision to bring the draft to Titletown.

Benson: Everyone is excited in Wisconsin about this. Green Bay will host the 2025 NFL. Draft. It's something every city in America with an NFL franchise would love to do. Why Green Bay? Why in 2025?

Goodell: I think you think back about the incredible tradition and history of the Green Bay Packers in that community and in the laurels of NFL history. It's a perfect place to do it. It's about celebrating our game. It's about celebrating our fans and our communities. I can't think of a better place than Green Bay in 2025.

The three-day event in Kansas City this year attracted 312,000 fans. Nashville in 2019 was estimated at 600,000.

"It's going to give you (Green Bay) a chance to talk about all the wonderful things from the Green Bay Community and Wisconsin in general. And to me, that's a lot more than the economic impact, which is extraordinary also," said Goodell. "But this is a chance for you all to put your signature on the NFL Draft and make it really special."

Green Bay is the smallest city with an NFL franchise with a population of about 106,000. The 2025 NFL draft is expected to bring in 250,000 fans to Titletown from all over the country.

Benson: Is it going to be a heavy lift for Green Bay? This is bigger than game day, Are there logistic concerns?

Goodell: No, I'm not concerned at all, because we know how that community comes together. We know what football means to that community and the Packers and the NFL in general. So, I'm not at all concerned about that.

Goodell says since moving the draft out of New York City in 2015, it has grown even beyond his initial expectations. He says each city has added different elements to make it better.

Benson: Will this be inside Lambeau Field? I mean, you've got a monster sizes stage. What is 100 yards?

Goodell: Well, in Kansas City, it was pretty close to that, but that was because of the backdrop with Union Station.

You know that changes are based on the locations based on the setting. I think there are still discussions about whether it's in Lambeau or whether it's outside of Lambeau. There is a great development, as you know, right around the stadium. It'll be iconic. I know that.