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New Green Bay Packers Xavier McKinney and Josh Jacobs ready to play for a contender

New Green Bay Packers Xavier McKinney and Josh Jacobs ready to play for a contender
Posted at 6:38 PM, Mar 15, 2024

GREEN BAY — The Green Bay Packers made some big splashes in free agency by signing running back Josh Jacobs and safety Xavier Mckinney. They were introduced on Friday morning and both of them are excited to join a young team that is on the rise.

  • Running back Josh Jacobs and safety Xavier McKinney were introduced by the Packers on Friday.
  • Both players won the 2017 National Title at Alabama
  • Now they hope to hoist the Lombardi Trophy with Green Bay.

“For me to be able to come here with him, we were talking about it last night sitting down eating, I was like, ‘man this is special’,” said Jacobs.
“He’s a great teammate,” McKinney said of Jacobs. “He’s a guy that plays really hard and makes plays.”

Teammates who won a National Championship while in college at Alabama and now together once again, McKinney and Jacobs were lured to Green Bay with the hope they can hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

“I just liked what they had going over here,” Jacobs said. "Going to the playoffs and actually competing for a Super Bowl and things like that, it’s something I always wanted to be a part of.”

Watching his 2023 breakout year, a big reason the two new Packers came to Green Bay – quarterback Jordan love.

“I seen him make some throws that a lot of people can’t do, running backwards and on one foot slinging it on a dime,” said the new Packers running back.

“You need an elite quarterback to be able to even have a chance and I believe that he is an elite quarterback,” said McKinney.

Jacobs led the league in rushing in 2022 with 1,653 yards. Last year went much differently. He only averaged 3.5 yards per carry for 805 yards, a career worst. Hey says there were various factors that went into that. Such as poor offensive line play, uncertainty at the QB position and an injury. Now in Green Bay, you can see his excitement to have much better surroundings.

“Young quarterback, young skill guys, good offensive line, for a running back (defenses) can’t load the box and when (they) do you still got guys and can move people around,” Jacobs said of his new teammates on the offensive side of the ball.

Jacobs on replacing former Packer and now Minnesota Vikings running back Aaron jones who he has a relationship with:

“Obviously, he’s a legend around here,” Jacobs said. "I don't really consider myself coming in and you know like replacing what he's done. I just try to hold that standard."

As for what Mckinney brings at safety:

"Heart. Competitiveness and play-making ability,” said McKinney.

He’s great in coverage, but he’s also one of the best tackling safeties in the league. Last season the Packer only missed seven, but even that number is too high for his liking.

"We going to get that number down for sure,” said the Packers safety.

When the Packers released running back Aaron Jones, they lost the biggest leader of their team. However, Jacobs and Mckinney both were captains and leaders for their previous organizations.

“To me it’s easy, man,” said Jacobs. “You just come in and earn the guys respect. You do that by going to work and putting the work in.”

“I’ve always kind of been in that position to lead, vocally and with my play,” McKinney said. “I think just being here is going to elevate it a lot more.”