Former Packers share 'cool' stories of the Ice Bowl


It was 13 below zero, 36 below if you add in the wind-chill for the 1967 NFL Championship Game.


"When I walked off the field, I felt like a fudgesicle, I was frozen solid, it was cold as hell,” said Hall of Fame linebacker, Dave Robinson.


"Everybody seems to know about the block, which is a thing that never happens to linemen, they just never get recognized for it,” said Hall of Fame finalist, Jerry Kramer.


Both men shared their memories of one of the coldest NFL games before a celebration Saturday, marking 50 years of team's Hall of Fame. They even joked when we asked if Lambeau Field’s nickname of “frozen tundra” is accurate.


"No it's redundant, tundra is always frozen. You can't have frozen tundra! You can't have tundra that's not frozen,” Robinson said.


While both former players talked about their experiences they mostly focused on the sense of family the Packers have, the main reason why they want to keep coming back to Green Bay."


"It was born in Coach Lombardi's first couple of years, he put us through hell, literally, on the practice field and on the conditioning field,” Kramer told us.


It formed a bond that will last forever.


"That relationship and that caring for one another and concern for one another will never die. It's there today, it's there yesterday, and it will be there tomorrow,” Kramer said.


The money raised Saturday will go to the NFL player care foundation to help former packer players in need.

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