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Donald Driver tries delivering mail via boat in Lake Geneva

The former Packers wide receiver was in Lake Geneva for a new ad campaign.
Posted at 9:44 AM, Jul 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-10 10:44:33-04

LAKE GENEVA, Wis. — Donald Driver has insane athletic abilities, we all know that, but are they enough to successfully deliver mail via boat in Lake Geneva? The former Packers wide receiver gave it a shot this week as part of an ad campaign for the city.

Visit Lake Geneva shared videos and photos of the campaign shoot, and two of the videos show Driver delivering mail via the mailboat.

Donald Driver shooting an ad campaign for Lake Geneva.

The mailboat is an iconic tradition in the city, and each year they host tryouts in an effort to find teens who can deliver mail around the lake. The difficult part is the boat never stops moving. So, some teens manage to deliver the mail but by the time they're done, the boat has already pulled away.

It's a difficult task, but Driver gave it his best shot. In the videos provided by Visit Lake Geneva, Driver is seen successfully delivering the mail and getting back on the boat, but in one attempt, he falls to the floor of the boat when getting back on board.

Check out the video of the fall:

Donald Driver tries delivering mail via boat in Lake Geneva

Check out the successful run:

Donald Driver tries delivering mail via boat in Lake Geneva

The campaign will be featured on TV, streaming channels, social, media, and print. Driver was chosen for the campaign because he, "epitomizes everything people love about vacationing here, including friendly and down-to-earth people, and, of course, big fun,” said Stephanie Klett, CEO of Visit Lake Geneva.

While the exact premise of the ad campaign is unknown, Klett said, "We are going to let Donald be Donald, because when his personality shines through, it’s pure magic for tourism.”