Aaron Rodgers spends part of his holiday weekend fixing Sam Dekker's kitchen sink

Posted: 11:51 AM, Sep 06, 2017
Updated: 2017-09-06 21:28:50Z
Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers is finally getting recognition for his plumbing skills – thanks to former Badgers basketball player Sam Dekker. 
Over the Labor Day weekend, Dekker posted a picture on Twitter of Rodgers fixing his kitchen sink. 

"Even though he's engaged and he's taking the next step to being an adult, he's not quite there yet," Rodgers joked about the former Badgers basketball star.

Rodgers recently fixed his own garbage disposal thanks to a YouTube tutorial he watched, so he had an idea of where to start with Dekker's problem. 

"The tutorial taught me to test the switch first and what kind of rumble you hear or lack of rumble tells you what's going on with the garbage disposal," Rodgers explained. So I flipped the switch and nothing happened. That mean's one of two things; it's completely broken and needs to be changed out or two, it's not plugged in. It wasn't plugged in." 

It appears Rodgers fixed the problem but wasn’t paid for his services – judging by a tweet by Dekker’s fiancé, Olivia Harlan.
Rodgers grew a friendship with Dekker when he played basketball for the Badgers, according to . Dekker is a Sheboygan native and currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers.