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Winner takes all: Bucks fan talks about 'Jackpot Shot' win moment

Posted at 9:44 AM, Nov 06, 2023

MILWAUKEE — Never in a million years, did Deante Ragsdale think he would hit a half court shot at a Bucks game.

"I was very nervous," Deante says. " I had to make a couple phone calls and block out all of the noise." " I kept saying to myself, 'I'm gonna to hit it.' 'I'm gonna to hit it.'"

He says, it was one of the biggest moments of his life.

"I felt like I hit the three-point winner for them," Deante beams. "After halftime, people wanted to take pictures with me. I felt like I was a celebrity that night."

Deante won $10,000 for making that shot.

"I'm gonna try and get me a nice car."