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Giannis talks about his future with the Milwaukee Bucks: 'I'm a winner'

Milwaukee Bucks player Giannis talks about his future with the team
Posted at 10:44 AM, Sep 15, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-15 11:44:18-04

MILWAUKEE — Giannis Antetokounmpo's future with the Milwaukee Bucks seems uncertain, according to recent comments he made during a BLEAV podcast.

"If we all sacrifice for the common goal, I can see myself playing for the Milwaukee Bucks for the rest of my career," Giannis said. "The moment I feel people are not committed as I am to win, I am not."

Giannis wants to win and he will "do whatever it takes to win."

"I'm a Milwaukee Buck, but most importantly I'm a winner," he said. "If there is a better situation for me to win the Larry O'Brien I have to take that better situation."

The Bucks lost to the Miami Heat last April with a score of 128-126. The loss disqualified the Bucks from advancing to the semifinals.

Adrian Griffin was hired as the new coach after firing former coach Mike Budenholzer. The Bucks also signed Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez.