NASCAR's Bubba Wallace goes 1-on-1 with reporter Lance Allan

NASCAR Bristol Auto Racing
Posted at 3:35 PM, Oct 09, 2023

Bubba Wallace continues to defy the odds, making NASCAR Cup's second round of the postseason.

"We ended the regular season, I think we were 14th in points," Bubba Wallace said. "So I already knew, I already knew that we were better than 16th. But we still had some work to do to make it to the next round. And everything was looking great at Kansas until it wasn't. We were running second there and blew that tire. We've had a lot of ups. We've had a lot of downs, and were able to come out and make it in the playoffs for the first time in my career. And make the most of it."

He's choosing to be positive.

"If we get knocked out? We still have a chance of making a hellacious run to get it up to 5th in points," Wallace says. "It's going to take a lot of work. But it's not like your season's over with. So we have to continue to fight. Looking forward to ending the season on a high note. This has been our best season yet. So we have to stay on the gas and make the most of it."

His 'Live to Be Different Scholarship Fund' is going through changes for next year.

"We're actually trying to look at how we can make it bigger and better, and so kind of slowed down a little bit this year. But still going to make an impact around the holidays to provide for families that necessarily don't have what it takes to make ends meet. So we're kind of that middle ground, the middle man, having a helping hand there. So we're going try to come out, and do some big things in 2024," Wallace says.

Bubba actually made a name for himself in the Craftsman Truck Series. And although he's never competed on the legendary oval, he watched the return at the Milwaukee Mile with joy.

"I've never raced there and thought it looked cool from the TV," Wallace says. "The place looked like a lot of fun, heard a lot of great stories about it. But yeah, I think it's cool to be able to go back to places that put on good racing in the past."

Bubba Wallace entered the weekend 10th in the playoff standings. He needed to be in the top eight in order to advance to the next round, but was eliminated after Sunday's playoff race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.