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Tim Dillard's take on new Brewers manager Pat Murphy: 'It's his for the taking'

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Posted at 9:47 AM, Nov 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-16 10:47:40-05

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Brewers officially named Pat Murphy as manager, with former player Rickie Weeks as the associate manager and possible manager in training.

Bally Sports Wisconsin analyst and former Brewers pitcher Tim Dillard says continuity is key, but Murphy will have some differences from Craig Counsell.

Sports Reporter Lance Allan asks, "He's not going to be a rubber stamp, carbon copy of Craig Counsell. Is there anything that you see Murphy doing that Craig didn't or any subtle differences?"

"For as great as, you know, Craig Counsell is as a manager, he's made mistakes," Tim Dillard says. "He would say that. That's what every player does and coach. You sit there and you go, well if I was in charge, what would I do? I mean players do this all the time. You're in there, and you're like, we're taking a bus? Why are we taking one bus? Why am I doubling up on this bus? Why aren't we flying to this city? Why don't we do this? Everyone always has another idea. It doesn't always necessarily mean complaining. But it's just, this is what I would do if I was in charge. Well, now these guys are in charge. I think he's ready for this. And honestly, I think he could be, and I think right now he may be the National League Manager of the Year. I mean, think about the situation he's coming into. Kind of a tough little thing after Counsell's exit. So yeah, I think it's his for the taking. If this team is successful? I think it's going to be unanimous at the end."

Lance Allan says, "Wow. That's good stuff. On that note, that was your walk-off shot. That was awesome."

"Yeah, bold prediction but yeah, my bad," Dillard says with a laugh.

Murphy and Weeks will be introduced at a press conference Thursday morning.