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Pilot Brewer at J. Leinenkugel's Barrel Yard produces six kegs every few weeks

Posted at 5:47 PM, Oct 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-13 18:47:37-04

Welcome to J. Leinenkugel’s Barrel Yard Brewery, run by pilot brewer Corrine Georges.

“It’s a three-barrel brewhouse, so I’m producing about six kegs per batch or about 744 pints per one batch of beer,” she says.

All those small batches mean Corrine spends a lot of time experimenting.

“Some of them are going to be Leinenkugel original Big Eddy series, brands that we’re bringing back special for the ballpark,” Corrine says. “And then some of the brands are going to be maybe something weird that you’ve never tried.”

Recently, Corrine partnered with pitcher Devin Williams to brew up this Airbender Ale. She says it’s a malt-forward blond ale.

“All the tasting notes are very light. This is a very clean, easy-drinking beer for the most part,” Corrine describes. “It’s a good ballpark beer, right?”

It’s a perfect job for Corrine – whose interest in beer started while waitressing at another brewery.

“And then I got really nerdy about it, started reading about it for fun, and then I was like, ‘Oh I wonder if I could study this?’” she says. “I started buying textbooks and things like that on my own, just for fun.”

Now, Corrine has a bachelor's degree in brewing.

“And now I’m here at the Barrel Yard getting to further my career and do some really fun experimental stuff!”

With each batch producing only six kegs, Corrine is making something new every couple of weeks. Which is perfect for one of the most historic beer towns in the country.

“That’s the really awesome part! When I heard about this job, it was like, ‘I have to go for it!’”

And Corrine’s work is really visible. Anyone walking by – or enjoying a drink at the bar – can see her tending to the tanks.

“That would be really awesome if I could inspire more women as well to get into the brewing industry,” Corrine says. “It’s a fun industry, there’s lots of community involved, I would say.”

For Corrine, he love of brewing beer is matched by her love of drinking it.

“I want a Highlife sometimes when I’m a game, but sometimes I’ll be like, ‘Oh I want to try some really crazy beers!’ I’m definitely into all of that, all the craft beers, everything.”

It’s all great inspiration for her next batch of brews.