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New Brewers first baseman Rhys Hoskins could become a fan favorite

Posted at 11:40 AM, Jan 30, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-30 12:40:56-05

MILWAUKEE — The Brewers introduce their big free agent signing of the offseason, first baseman Rhys Hoskins. He was a fan favorite in Philadelphia, so what will make him that in Milwaukee?

"We found ways, you know different ways in the community," First Baseman Rhys Hoskins says. "But also just like accessing fans in different ways. Whether at the stadium, before games or in spring training.

I think we had a lot of fun with that. You know, obviously we did a little bit more winning too and that always helps you know when trying to become a fan favorite. So hopefully you know, us being able to make an impact within the city. Some good play on the field. A couple home runs and a lot of winning will help us do that."

General Manager Matt Arnold says on paper, Hoskins is a great fit. He missed last year with a knee injury but every year he's played in at least 100 games. He's hit 27 or more home runs.

"It's always been a great place to hit," Hoskins says. "I think another thing that I've thought about over the last couple of days is that I won't have to face the staff that I'm normally facing there which has always been nasty in my career. I'm looking forward to that. It seems like a great division to hit in. And when you get to be input into a lineup with, you know a former MVP. Exciting players. All up and down the lineup? That's when hitting gets fun. That's when hitting gets contagious."

Hoskins says he's very competitive, wants to win. And GM Matt Arnold says they want to win as many games as possible. Even while fans may think the Brewers are a team in transition.