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Brewers defeat Cubs, 3 more wins until free burgers at George Webb

George Webb
Posted at 8:44 AM, Aug 29, 2023

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Brewers beat the Chicago Cubs 6-2 for their ninth consecutive victory Monday evening. That means just three more wins until George Webb gives out free burgers!

Free burgers are served once the Brewers win 12 games in a row.

The restaurant tweeted after Monday's victory, "That’s 27 outs in the books and one step closer to free burgers. Go Crew!"

The local tradition began unofficially in the 1940s with a "12 in a row" prediction. It was formalized in 1965 when the owners painted that same prediction on the walls of the restaurant and advertised it in local newspapers.

The Brewers won 12 in 1987 and even went on to win 13 straight games. As promised, George Webb Restaurants served almost 170,000 free hamburgers. They had to order over 25,000 pounds of ground beef in order to meet that demand.

In October 2018, the Brewers pulled through again with 12 straight which meant more free hamburgers for fans. The Milwaukee burger chain estimated they gave away about 100,000 free burgers that time.