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'80 degrees is overrated': Rain didn't stop Brewers fans from tailgating the team's home opener

Posted at 11:18 AM, Apr 03, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-03 12:18:59-04

MILWAUKEE — One thing I’ve learned after covering a lot of home openers is that the fans who come are die-hards. This is a high holiday for them. Even if it's cold, rainy, and gray, they aren't going to miss the chance to tailgate for this game.

"80 degrees is overrated man. For opening day we need cold, snow, rain, let's go," Brewers fan, Doug Rupert, said.

Gray skies and cold rain - sounds like baseball weather to me.

Around the country, Baseball is kind of like a symbol of spring. But here in Wisconsin, it’s more like the symbol of 2nd winter. We had fools spring when it got warm. Now it’s cold again. That’s no problem, though. We’re used to it.

"Oh I've tailgated in a lot worse that is for sure in Wisconsin. But Opening Day is tradition. It's a holiday. We got to come out here and make it happen," Brewers fan, DJ Gatto, said.

There are no excuses when it comes to hanging out with friends, grilling some brats, and laughing the day away before watching the Brewers play.

"Cause it's Opening Day. We don't miss it, and, you know, you buck up, bring your equipment, and you're good to go," Brewers fan, Nate Pope, said.

You can’t skip this game because of the weather. But you can skip work and school which is exactly what one college student did.

I asked Olivia St. Claire what kind of message she'd like to give her professor who may watch this story, “I’m so sorry, and I love our topic, but I had to cotton-eye joe at the Brewers game. Opening Day I’m sorry."

Some keys to staying warm on a day like today are layers, a tent, a grill, and a lot of good food.

I have to say Brewers fans are some of the best. I’ve never been offered more brats and hot dogs in my life. There’s just something about a brat on opening day that hits the spot.

It's the little things like a warm brat that make these cold days all the better. After all, there is always a bright side to things.

“It’s Wisconsin. April showers bring May flowers," Caitlin Carranza said.

So while it was raining and my hands were frozen after all that time outside, after I accepted being uncomfortable it was a lot of fun to be out there with the tailgaters. A camaraderie develops with all the other fans which makes it all worth it.